Hey ! Are you looking for Printing Services in Penang? Here you go with Daxpro’s Printing Services. The cheapest yet best quality printing in town! We are offering all types of Printing as stated below:

🔸Flyer                   🔸Brochure

🔸Poster                🔸Banner

🔸Bunting              🔸Business card

🔸Acrylic                🔸Booklet 

🔸Calendar                  🔸Folder

🔸T-shirt                      🔸Sticker

🔸Signage                   🔸Bags

🔸Tent card                 🔸Packaging

🔸Bookmark                  🔸Souvenir

🔸Biz-documents         🔸Money packet

🔸Button badge            🔸Light box

🔸Notepad                     🔸Pop up display

Will you be happy if your business reach 35,000 houses just in one ad? Yes, it is possible! Let’s grab your advertising space in our Magazine. We will be distributing over 35,000 copies to most of the Residential Areas in Penang! Its a FREE DISTRIBUTION!

Everything is Digital Now! Social Media is ruling the world and you have to use it wisely... Lets do Social Media Advertising with us! We will bring Your Marketing to Next Level!

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